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RULES for Bachelorette Party in Chicago Illinois

Tips, Rules and Suggestions for House & Hotel Parties


This page is devoted to answering common questions about the Male Strip Shows. 
This page will help you to better prepare yourself and your guests to get the most from the experience!  Remember, this is a very memorable party for the Bachelorette/Birthday Girl, so make the best of it and be completely prepared! 

The Strip Shows are Highly Interactive with the Crowd and the Bachelorette - There is LOTS of "MILD" Physical Contact! 


QUESTION: Why should I book with Venus Entertainment®?

Simple - because you get the HOTTEST and BEST male strippers available in the Chicagoland area that have:

Our dancers are the ACTUAL and REAL entertainers that will be showing up to your Party. We do NOT use purchased "stock" photos of models - these guys are the REAL DEAL! Don't be fooled by other websites pulling the old "Bait and Switch" that depict pictures of fitness and magazine models on their web sites "POSING" as the strippers that actually work for them.

Sadly, the majority of the pictures on other "Chicago stripper" websites are FAKE pictures used to lure you in to book, then they send you somebody else that they feel like, most of the time looking NOTHING like your original requested hottie.

This is marketing FRAUD, but it is a sad fact that these other "Chicago" websites commit these Fraudulent tactics to promote themselves and to secure themselves work!
"BUYER BEWARE" - be a smart shopper, do your homework - if you only see 1 or 2 pictures of a particular dancer you are interested in - then this is a MAJOR RED FLAG. Demand more pictures and/or even a video of the dancer as additional proof of him being a real dancer that will show up to your party. A legitimate agency will have MANY more pictures of your favorite dancer they can provide. If the ONE or TWO pictures on another website are AMAZING, chances are, they are FAKE and this is a stock photo of a male model.

Do your homework and make sure that you get what you paid for! Don't get fooled into having a Hairy, out of shape & beer bellied, 46 year old guy show up to your party when you expected a Hot Hunk with a Six Pack.

Venus Entertainment is a Licensed and LEGAL Entertainment Agency in the State of Illinois. Be forewarned that there are at least 5 websites posing as legitimate Entertainment agencies in the Chicagoland area, when in fact, they are COMPLETE FRAUDS. Just because you see a website with pictures doesn't mean that the entity is a Legitimate business. Venus Entertainment has a "brick and mortar office" in Naperville, IL and we encourage our customers to visit us at their convenience. Call and schedule an appointment to see us in action if you are in the Naperville, IL area.

When shopping around other websites, make sure it is a Legitimate business - look for a corporation name, mailing address and other legitimate and traceable contact information other than a cell phone number and e-mail - If you see a Phone Number and an E-mail address ONLY - HUGE RED FLAG!!!!!

Here some great examples of websites advertising in Chicago using ALL FAKE pictures:

CONSUMER ALERT [Fraudulent/Bogus websites "posing" as real companies]

Newest additions to the Fraud List:, Centerfoldstrips,

OMEN STRIPPERS operating as "" is an smoke and mirrors website based out of Atlanta Georgia - this is NOT a Chicago based company. ALL the pictures of the "white guys" are FAKE modeling pictures - NONE of them are real male strippers in Chicago. The "black guys" page has 2 real black male strippers, otherwise ALL the rest are FAKE also. This website does a good job of representing themselves as a good company, but what good company posts FAKE pictures to deceive and trick the customer? To add to the "tickery", all the pictures have NUMBERS instead of names because they are NOT real dancers. Real companies post REAL dancers stage names so that you know what and who you are ordering, not just "stripper #1169". In addition, the prices offer 2 options: NO TIME LIMIT for $175 and 60 MINUTE TIME LIMIT for $165. To begin with, NO male dancer will dance for an UNLIMITED amount of time for ONLY $175 - this is a HUGE LIE AND SCAM. The 60 MINUTE TIME LIMIT really means 30 minutes, but they do NOT tell you this until AFTER you had your dancer and you call to complain that the show was NOT 1 hour. This website is set up to be "automated"... no real person is available most of the time if you call - they just want you to use the "online booking form" because if you do try to call in and talk to someone, you will get a nice voicemail greeting. All the testimonials on the website are FAKE, the website owner wrote all of them. The FAKE pictures, the LIES about pricing and what you get, the NO NAME strippers and FAKE testimonials are All serious RED FLAGS of things being done to Deceive you the customer. Buyer Beware!

Reviews from an Unhappy Customer (Tanisha K.) that booked with OMEN Strippers Chicago:
"I ordered an african american male stripper for a Sunday at 8pm. I never received a confirmation call or anything. They charged my debit card but never called me to let me know everything is all set. I tried calling all afternoon and i could not get anybody there. I was really upset that they took my money and there was nobody there when i was calling all day."

FIRE STRIPPERS "" also operating as WET STRIPPERS "" is one of the BEST examples of lying, stealing and cheating the customer. This is NOT a legitimate business and ALL, that's right - 100% of ALL the pictures are FAKE on this website. This is run by one eastern european guy with a very strong accent and very bad english going by the name of "John" since his european name is virtually unpronounceable. He tries to get all customers to text him reservation info since his english is so bad. This is run by just one guy with a cell phone taking bookings from his apartment. The home page has a stolen picture of DENISE MILANI, a very popular glamour model as well as a stolen picture of DAN BILZERIAN, a popular action stunt actor. Fraud is the motto of this site.


AFTER DARK STRIPPERS  "" is a TOTAL fraud. ALL the pictures are STOLEN from porn sites and web cam sites. There is NOTHING legitimate about this website. One of the female stripper pictures named "BAILEY" is a famous porn star named AMY ANDERSSEN - she is NOT a stripper in Chicago nor anywhere else. This example applies to all the remaining pictures. This is a brazen fraud.


"Night Angels" & "Risque Kitty" operating as "" and "" is a Nation Wide website that just starting advertising for the Chicago area. These websites are based out of California and are owned and operated by 1 guy from his apartment. ALL the pictures on the websites are FAKE and NOT real dancers available for your party in Chicago. This is another example of another Fly-by-the-Night trying to use FAUD to get your business. They have NO dancers in Chicago: they take your booking, then call Our company or another Chicago based company trying to cover the booking. This is a Shady way of doing business and you as the customer get jerked around in the end. You have NO guarantee that ANY dancer will show up on your important and planned party night.

"Next Plateau" also operating as "", ", "", "", "", "" is an example of an unscrupulous agency that does and says ANYTHING to the consumer to get their business. They regularly bad mouth Venus Entertainment® to the point of slander. They constantly LIE about Venus Entertainment® to make themselves appear as a reliable agency. The FACT is that Venus Entertainment® is the #1 Adult Entertainment Agency in Chicago and NO OTHER website or Agency compares, or even comes close to the Caliber of Dancers, In addition to the Reliabiliy, Professionialism and Customer Service that you can ONLY find at Venus Entertainment®. Some of the slanderous lies that you will hear Next Plateau utter about Venus Entertainment® is that our dancers don't show up and that they run 2 hours late to parties. This NEVER happens - PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Our Dancers ALWAYS arrive ON TIME and many times they arrive a few minutes early to setup!
These LIES are good Tricks that seem to fool some customers.

We DO NOT offer discounts on our prices as we have the BEST dancers available in Chicago, while Next Plataeu and others routinely discount to TRY to compete with Venus Entertanment®, but you should know, when you get a discount in the adult entertainment world, you get a discount stripper - this means:
Fat, Older, Lots of Stretch Marks, Saggy Breasts, Rough Faces etc.
You will NEVER get Sub-Standard dancers with Venus Entertainment® - that is our GUARANTEE!

Next Plateau offers a "Free Show" guarantee if it's not the girls you order showing up to your party. Be aware that Mike himself is the driver to most of his shows and he is a 6', 300lb individual that will STRONG ARM you to pay - that is just one false promise he offers to LURE naive customers into booking - You will NEVER get a free show from Next Plateau!

Some more tactics that "Mike" at Next Plataeu employs: He has STOLEN images of Taylor from our website. He has also COPIED & PASTED our Private Party Room Page from the SOURCE CODE of our website - He actually paid a Professional Web Designer to blatantly STEAL and Infringe on our Copyrights!
The staff at Venus Entertainment has brought this issue to Mike, the owner of Next Plateau, and he has PROMISED to remove all the infringing content, but like all of Mike's Promises,

Not only has Mike stolen content from our Website, but there are MANY pictures on Next Plateau that are STOLEN from WEB CAM sites and Modeling sites!
The MAJORITY of the girls pictured DO NOT even work for Next Plateau as they are NOT exotic dancers in Illinois. Mike Posts them to Portray a larger selection of dancers than he has working for him, when In reality, there are only a few dancers actually working for him!

Recently, Next Plateau has begun offering Male strippers. Please note that ALL the pictures of the Male Dancers are STOLEN from other Chicago Agency sites and Gay Porn Sites! Rest assured that you will NOT know who is coming to your Bachelorette party if you reserve a male dancer with Next Plateau!

We have a database of over 60 e-mails from Mike at Next Plateau cursing out our staff, writing sexually explicit and vulgar things about our dancers and employees. In addition, Mike regularly calls our main business line threatening bodily harm to our employees as well as having his friends call us with DEATH THREATS - that's right, that is NOT a mis-print - Mike at Next Plataeu puts up his friends AND dancers to call our staff and threaten us with DEATH THREATS!

PLEASE do some EXTRA homework before you consider doing business with Next Plateau, as nothing but bad things come from this agency, and if you are BRAVE enough to let such BAD individuals into your PRIVATE RESIDENCE, then by all means - call NEXT PLATEAU CHICAGO right away!

The staff at Venus Entertainment has filed multiple criminal complaints against Mike(Full Legal name with-held) from Next Plateau.
Please feel free to contact the Naperville, IL police Department for copies of the reports!

The owner of Next Plateau Chicago is a CONVICTED FELON - Please feel free to contact the Chicago Police for the VERY LONG wrap sheet for this individual. DON'T TRUST YOUR BUSINESS TO CRIMINALS!

Saturday 6/14/08 - Mike at Next Plateau STALKED a Party for OVER 2 HOURS where our Dancers Performed and Vandalized the car of our dancers. He slashed ALL FOUR tires of the car as well as keyed the ENTIRE hood of the car.
"Hector", who booked the party, was verbally threatened by him and Chicago Police were called, and ANOTHER report has been filed against Mike at Next Plateau.

"Mike is a 5" 11" latin guy using the name "Nicholas" with a stocky build and shaved head. He drove a late model White Jeep Cherokee with the license plates "PLATEAU". He also has a tattoo on the side of his neck AND face. I was afraid that he was going to trash my car also!"

The Chicago Police Report for this incident is available upon request.

"Live Eye Candy" is an example of a bogus website. This site contains stolen and old pictures of dancers that either no longer dance, or dancers that work for 10 websites, guaranteeing you that you will NOT get your requested dancer! This website is Very Unprofessional as can be seen from the low quality website design. In addition, they DO NOT have a full time phone staff - You MUST leave a message and then WAIT for someone to call you back from a CELL PHONE as they do NOT have a business land line because there is no legitimate office. When you call the website phone number, you are calling an apartment of a former dancer! BUYER BEWARE!

"Nite Cap Girls/Entertainment" is a great example of a FLY-BY-THE-NIGHT website!

This website just APPEARED - meaning that it is NOT an established agency. You have no idea who will be showing up to your party, IF anyone ACTUALLY shows up! Ordering entertainment from this website is playing Russian-Roulette with your Bachelor party! As can be seen, the number of girls posted is VERY low and the site design is SUPER LOW BUDGET!

The website lists ONLY a phone number(most likely a cellular, not land line) and an e-mail address as contact information, meaning that the website is being operated in someone's basement!


"BABES N TOYLAND" is a Great Example of TOTAL FRAUD!

This website has also JUST appeared, meaning that it is NOT an established agency. ALL of the pictures of the dancers/babes are FAKE and STOLEN from modeling, porn and other stripper web sites. You cannot click and see more pictures of the girls because they DON'T have any more pictures of the girls then what they stole.

Similar to Nite Cap Girls, this website ONLY lists a phone number(most likely a cellular, not land line) and e-mail address as contact information because they DO NOT have a legitimate office!


"Delicious Strippers" is another BOGUS website!
This website was recently created by two, 20 year old strippers named TINA & KITTY. This website is NOT a legitimate Adult entertainment agency. This means that you don't have the safe-guards of a legitimate corporation that has protocols for interviewing, hiring and training dancers and that has actual requirements for professionalism, timeliness and entertainment value, in addition to a guarantee that your strippers willl show up to your party - not leaving you and your guests stranded without entertainment.

When you call the phone number on the website, you will be talking to TINA, KITTY or BAMB BAMB's CELL phone.

The only real dancers on this website are "TINA", "KITTY" and "BAMB BAMB". EVERY other picture on these website is FAKE - that's right - "Amber", "Nadia", "Tori", "Sugar", "Nikki", "Candy", "Kim" and "Honey" are FAKE, stolen modeling pictures. These girls don't exist as Strippers available for your bachelor party in Chicago, but instead they are the illusion used to trick YOU, the customer, into thinking that this is how many girls are available, when in reality, only 3 girls are potentially available.
In addition, TINA & KITTY's pictures can be found on 4 other chicago stripper websites - feel free to browse around a bit when shopping around other websites.
BAMB BAMB is a PLUS SIZE girl that should not be in the adult entertainment business, other than maybe as a novelty "FAT STRIPPER" act.


At Venus Entertainment®, we a committed to making your parties a Tremendous Success and will always provide such Consumer Alerts for your Information!

QUESTION: Do we have to TIP the dancer?

ABSOLUTELY! Stripping is a Tipping business -The more you Tip, the Better AND Longer the Show! Dancers rely on tips as part of their income.

Please tell your guests that you will have a male stripper and to arrive prepared with LOTS of dollar bills to spend. Male strippers offer many extras during their performance such as:

All of this is EXTRA and NOT included in the base price so if your guests do not bring extra spending cash - they will not be able to take full advantage of the show and you won't get the best performance a dancer can do as this tip money is his incentive to do his best and longest performance he has to offer.
We recommend that each girl bring a minimum of $5 as dollar bills to spend AND that they DO spend the dollars during the show! Girls should be ready with 5 dollar bills in their hands before your dancer starts his show so make sure the girls take out the cash BEFORE they put their purses in the bedroom.
We also recommend tipping your dancer up front a $20 bill since this puts your dancer in a better state of mind to entertain versus worrying that he will not make much cash tips.
Tipping throughout the show is also recommended - it's like the rap video - "MAKE IT RAIN" dollar bills on him when he is doing a fun trick or performance with your guest of honor.
Remember that if you take care of your dancer - he will take care of you AND your Bachelorette Party Guests.

On a final note, if you really enjoyed your Hunk's performance then we encourage a Final tip for as he is leaving to show your appreciation for his efforts in making your party a big success!

QUESTION: Do we have to participate?

There are plenty of women that prefer to just watch the performance but our recommendation is to get involved as the show will last longer AND be more fun for all. The show has lots of contact and you can grab the strippers ass like "squeezing the Charmin" so have a few shots(or maybe a LOT of shots!) and have a Great time!

QUESTION: Can we take pictures?

Pictures are allowed but each dancer has the right to reserve the right to charge for pictures. NO videography is allowed unless the dancer gives permission and receives a tip that he agrees to.

QUESTION: Can we Video Record?

Video Recording is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  This Includes, but is not Limited to,  DVD Recorders and Video Cameras!

QUESTION: Do the Male Strippers Bring MUSIC?

Venus Entertainment's Male Strippers arrive to the Bachelorette Party FULLY prepared and dressed in costume.
Our Male Stripper bring:

In addition to the above, our Male Entertainers also bring other toys that are unique to their Strip Show.

QUESTION: Can We Book a Chicago Male Stripper as a SURPRISE?

The Male Strippers at Venus Entertainment are very happy to perform at surprise parties, with only one prerequisite!  The Bachelorette or Birthday Girl receiving the surprise needs to be able to play-along and enjoy the show. 
Our Male Strippers have done many Strip Shows in which the Bachelorette/Birthday Girl DID NOT want a Male Stripper, and friends booked anyway. 
These types of shows can turn out to be a Major Disaster because the Bachelorette/Birthday Girl receiving the surprise may get very upset and LEAVE - this ruins the fun for everyone involved.

QUESTION: What Chicago Male Stripper COSTUMES are Available?

We presently have costumes for:

FYI - The Cop/Policeman Stripper, FireFighter/Fireman Stripper and GQ Stripper are the most Popular and most requested Male Exotic Dancer Costumes.

QUESTION: Do the Male Strippers Need Anything from the Hostess?

Male Strippers need the following for their Strip Shows:

If you are having the the party at a HOUSE - please make sure that Coffee Tables and Boxes are Pushed aside and out of the way. 
Please make sure that there is enough Seating for everyone at the party and that the area where your Male Stripper will be performing is CLEAN.

QUESTION: Can My BABY Watch the Male Strip Show?

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to view the Male Strip Shows at Hotel or House Parties! 
Male Strip Shows are for ADULTS-ONLY and our Male Strippers WILL NOT Perform if ANY Minors and/or Babies are Present!
Please plan ahead and arrange baby-sitting services for all children.

QUESTION: Can My DOG or CAT be Running Loose?

Dogs, Cats and any other Animals are NOT ALLOWED during the Male Strip Shows. This is a Liability to YOU, the Customer, if our Male Strippers are Bitten and/or Scratched by these Cute and Innocent Fur-Balls!

All Animals need to be leashed or put in another room. 

QUESTION: What About HOTEL Parties in Chicago Illinois and the Suburbs?

Please tell the Hotel Staff that you will be having a Bachelorette Party and that you will be playing loud music.
The last thing you want and need is for Hotel Management and Security to "Bust" out your party when the problem could be completely avoided at the time you book the room!

Most GOOD Hotels will Gladly Accommodate your Bachelorette Party by booking you a room:

This ensures that your party won't Disturb any sleeping Hotel guests.

If the Hotel Staff give you a hard time about this issue - Call another Hotel! Most Good Hotels will welcome your party with Open Arms because they don't want to lose the Business, and believe us - Bachelorette Parties are HUGE Business for Hotels!

QUESTION: Is there a Club to see Chicago Male Exotic Dancers Perform?

Please check our Live Male Revue page for current Club Location as well as show times and dates!

QUESTION: Can i Book my Male Dancers Online?

Absolutely, Venus Entertainment has a Convenient Online Booking form. Our Online booking form has TWO layers of the Latest AND most Advanced Encryption Software available(most secure forms have Only 1 layer of Encrytion). Your Personal information is Kept STRICTLY confidential and is NOT sold to third parties!

You can access our Male Dancer(s) Booking form HERE

IF OUR DANCER(S) LEAVE YOUR PARTY BECAUSE OF VIOLATIONS OF OUR COMPANY POLICIES, THE RESULT IS A FORFEIT OF ANY DEPOSIT AND NO REFUND! Please adhere to our polices, respect our dancers and be responsible for any mis-behaving guests!

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