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The Windy Striptease
Anytime you remove your own clothes in front of your lover there will surely be "fireworks". However, you can also plan an actual Romantic Striptease. Another way to arouse the person you love, if you are not good enough, is to take them to see Chicago strippers. Chicago exotic dancers are sure to arouse anyone. Whether they are female strippers, or male strippers, gay or straight dancers, these lascivious dances will be sure to evoke feelings of pleasure in anyone. Although people can attach a stigma to strip clubs, they are just denying the truth of the matter that they do not want to: people are animals. They have animal instincts and they are sexual people by nature. To deny these instinctual impulses would be to deny yourself of who you are. It is just as pejorative to attach oneself to Victorian ideals, as it is to cling on to sexual pleasures. With this societal double edge sword, how are you to get a break?

People who live in Chicago refer to it as the “windy city.” Although most people attribute its title to the weather, it is more encompassing than that. The name describes the people and their love of life and ability to go with the flow of the wind. They grasp hold of their animal and creative instincts in a lively manner and enjoy indulging in their shameless yearnings. Chicago strip clubs are a great place to indulge in your sexual fantasies and feel guiltless free and have a good time.

If you are creating this sexual atmosphere for a partner, you should keep you and your partners taste in mind. The music you choose should be on the slow side. Not too slow, but slow enough so you will be able to take your time removing your clothes one piece at a time and really tease. Speaking of clothing, you will have to plan what to wear. In addition, you will not need to go shopping either. It is best to start fully dressed. After all, it is called a "Strip TEASE". Removing layers is much more fun, and exciting. A sexy dress, or blouse and skirt, choose an outfit that always turns your partner on. You know the one where he just cannot keep his hands off you.

Then for underneath that, choose a couple more things such as a delightful camisole, over a sexy bra. On the bottom put a pair of sexy skimpy panties over a pair of thongs. Eventually you will be removing it all, one piece at a time. Remember, anything that drives your sweetie wild, and whatever makes you feel sexy and desirable is in order here. You can pretty much choose whatever is in your closet for the outer layer. A good, "naughty" choice is always the schoolgirl look, or you could go for the button- down business look. A tie would later make a great prop. Just think about looping it behind his head to pull him into your breasts.

If you want to liven things up, you can add some fun lovin’ accessories. This includes anything like glasses, hats, ties, as well as the all-important thigh highs, (or garter belt and stockings) and stiletto heels. Just make sure you can actually move around and dance in those stilettos. If you do not have any in your closet, borrow a pair from a friend. Also long necklaces look amazing when you are down to the bare essentials, plus long gloves and feather boas are great accessories too. Place a chair some where in your bedroom where you will have easy access to move all around it. It is for your lover to sit on and watch, as you dazzle him with your Striptease. Also, chill some of your lover's favorite beverage. Wine or champagne would be great.


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