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Stripping Cross Country

If you are taking a trip to Chicago or are simply looking for a night of good old naked fun, you should probably go to a club to see Chicago male strippers, and Chicago female strippers. Chicagoland stripers have tons of fun and allow you to join in as they do exotic dances that will be sure to arouse you and make you feel sexy. In these clubs, female patrons getting up on stage with the male exotic dancers and helping them strip or joining them stripping is commonplace. Sometimes the male strippers come off the stage and perform directly in front of a group of patrons.

In some countries, physical contact with the dancers is permitted and fondling the strippers is considered part of the show. In many situations, there are interactive games that involve varying degrees of physical contact, sometimes to the embarrassment of the females taking part, but always with the enthusiastic support and cheering from their friends who are watching the daring/raunchy activities.

Some more adventurous acts may include extended erotic intimacies between the dancers and the customers, all as part of the show. Audience participation can include small groups of clothed females dancing up close and personal with a nude male dancer, each taking the opportunity to touch, caress, and kiss his body and body parts as they wish, during the dance.

Gay male strip clubs feature men who appear initially in skimpy undergarments, which are quickly removed if full nudity is allowed and socks. Fondling the strippers is commonplace and considered fair game, even as it is technically prohibited. In cities such as Washington, D.C. where full nudity is allowed, the male strippers at gay venues stand on the bar or stage and masturbate to maintain erection, allowing the customers to also masturbate or ejaculate them for tips.

Many erotic actresses and actors in the US make their main living from their earnings from personal appearances as featured exotic dancers, in much the same way that many musicians make their main living from live performance, with their recordings serving as advertising. Many in the striptease industry appear in pornographic movies or magazines to be paid more for appearing at strip clubs as "feature dancers" because they are porn stars, which clubs advertise to bring in a bigger paying audience. The more famous the porn star, the more the exotic dancer will be paid by the strip club to perform at their club.

Usually, the nightclub management and their bouncers do not try to restrain their female audiences unless disturbances and fights break out. Female patrons tend to "push the envelope" to see how far they are allowed to go. At some shows the female patrons masturbate the dancers briefly, with many in the audience 'having a go'. At some shows the dancers allow the one or more in the female audience to perform oral sex on them briefly. Most commonly, it is the female patrons testing the boundaries who are the ones that start restraining themselves before the bouncers do.


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