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Cabaret Chicagoland

People who are interested in Chicagoland strippers, nude waitresses and exotic dancers, you should look into how exotic dancing and its history has developed.  The Moulin Rouge, built in 1889 in the red-light district of Pigalle near Montmartre, is famous for the large red imitation windmill on its roof.


Keep in mind that performers at the Moulin Rouge included La Goulue, Yvette Guilbert, Jane Avril, Mistinguett, and Le Pétomane. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painted numerous pictures and scenes of night life there.


Then, the Folies-Bergère continued to attract a large number of people until the start of the 20th century, even though it was more expensive than other cabarets. People felt comfortable at the cabaret: They did not have to take off their hat, could talk, eat, and smoke when they wanted to, etc. They did not have to stick to the usual rules of society.


Performers in the cabaret included Josephine Baker and Brazilian drag performer João Francisco dos Santos both of whom were dark-skinned people of mixed ancestry. Cabaret performances could range from political satire to light entertainment, each being introduced by a master of ceremonies.


Keep in mind that the cabaret also refers to a Mediterranean-style brothel, which is a bar with tables and women who mingle with and entertain the clientele. Traditionally these establishments can also feature some form of stage entertainment: often singers & dancers. It is the classier, more sophisticated cabaret that eventually engendered the type of establishment and art form that is the subject of the remainder of this article. If you like to see Latin exotic female strippers, Caucasian strippers, or Asian topless waitresses, Chicago is the perfect place to go. 


There are nude waitresses, talented Chicagoland strippers, and exotic dancers Chicago that will be sure to get you excited.  They will take you out of whatever miserable life you are leading on a day to day basis and envelop you in their world of gyrating hips, wet lips and hard nipples. 


You should be sure to check out all the Chicago strippers available.  It is also interesting to understand part of the history of the strip club.  Although it may seem like a new event, sexuality is as old as identity and the need for its outlet has taken many perverted forms throughout history.  One of the ways Chicagoland strippers originated is through the Cabaret. 


Additionally, cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring comedy, song, dance, and theatre, distinguished mainly by the performance venue, a restaurant or nightclub with a stage for performances and the audience sitting around the tables watching the performance.



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