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Battle of the Bellies

If you are interested in seeing Chicago female strippers, you should look into the different places available. There are exotic dancers available for bachelorette parties and in clubs. It is also a good idea to look into Chicago exotic dancers that imitate the moves of belly dancers. If you are deciding between what female stripper style you would enjoy in Chicago strip clubs, it is a good idea to understand the issues that have taken place between belly dancers and strippers. Many belly dancers are openly hostile toward strippers. Why are so many belly dancers so hostile toward strippers? We do what we do for one kind of audience, and strippers do what they do for a very different kind of audience. This world is big enough for both of us. I realize that many belly dancers are frustrated because The General Public often believes that belly dancing and stripping are the same thing.

There is a link between the two because stripping evolved from the hoochy koochy, which in turn was Vaudeville's reinterpretation of the Oriental dance performances from the Chicago World's Fair in the 1890s. This historical link between belly dancing and stripping still infests the minds of 21st-century Americans, and sometimes causes credibility problems for belly dancers when they try to arrange gigs in wholesome, family-oriented places. However, that is not the fault of today's strippers.

There have been a number of belly dancers are also strippers. Some were former strippers, while others continued to do both. When the individuals perform belly dance, every one of them do a performance suitable for a family environment. They do not stroke themselves, twine around a pole, or do sexual hip thrusts when belly dancing. There was nothing in their Oriental dance performances that revealed their other dance experience. These were smart women; they obviously knew that there were distinct differences between Middle Eastern dance and stripping, and their performances proved that they knew how to keep them separate.

So why are certain belly dancers so hostile to these people? If Belly dancers have said that they do not want to teach belly dancing to a stripper because they do not know what she might do with those movements. However, why should they single out strippers? Just how exactly are we going to screen for this? Are we going to require every would-be student to take a lie-detector test on her motives for learning how to belly dance before we accept her as a student?

I suppose it is possible a stripper will take what she learns in a belly-dance class and incorporate it into a harem girl shtick for her stripping job. In addition, it is possible that a stupid stripper might not be able to figure out that some of her stripper moves are inappropriate for the belly-dance world. However, do not forget that there are many belly dancers who have no experience as strippers, but come across as sleazy when they belly dance.

It does not make the world a better place when people act hostile toward strippers. belly dance originated as preparation for childbirth, and later evolved into a way of celebrating at family events, rather than originating as a harem tool for seducing the sultan. Strippers typically are paid more than belly dancers are, so some people could argue that perhaps society values what they do more highly than it values belly dancers.


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