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Bachelor Parties Do Not Get Boring

If you are planning a bachelor party, there are tons of things to think about.  The first matter to take care of is the strippers.  You can get asian Chicago exotic dancers, black Chicagoland strippers, Caucasian Chicago female strippers and other Chicago hot strippers in order to have a hot time at a party.  You can even see Chicago topless waitresses to heat things up. 

There are some other awesome ideas that can be fun to do with everyone at the party also.  For instance, what would a bachelor party be without a woman jumping out of a cake? Well, you don’t have to go with the traditional, but having some sort of feminine entertainment is probably what the groom and guests expect.

One idea is to hire strippers or exotic dancers as the entertainment. All the guests will enjoy the entertainment, but the groom should be the center of attention.

Speaking of drinks, you don’t want to forget the drinks.

 One way to get the party started is to provide an assortment of alcoholic beverages. Since people tend to become inebriated at a bachelor party, having the party at a hotel or at a home where everyone can stay the night and not worry about driving is a smart move.

There are several hotels that provide special rooms for parties and will even cater food. Since the bachelor party will feature lots of drinking, foods that will absorb the alcohol and prevent everyone from getting sick.  The exotic dancers should keep them focused.

When your best buddy is getting married, you know that you are on the hook to provide him the best bachelor party ever. This party is traditionally a last party send off for the groom. Eccentric party supplies, such as shot glasses with women on them or other types of drinking glasses are great ideas.

There are other ideas for this last party with his buddies. One theme for the groom’s last hurrah is a pimp bachelor party. For this type of party everyone arrives dressed in their best pimp outfit. These are typically very extravagant outfits, so it will be interesting to see how people arrive dressed.

For such a party the venue should also reflect the theme.

If you decide to take the party on the road, a limousine with a hired driver and plenty of room for all the guys is recommended. However you decide to have your bachelor party, you can make it tons of fun with Chicago female strippers and Chicago topless waitresses.  Have an awesome time with your friends and stay safe while enjoying the exotic dancer’s sexy moves.


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